Final: OV 78, Segerstrom 62

January 25, 2010

Analysis tomorrow. Also, I’ll interview Athletic Director/Coach Tim Walsh!


End of 3rd: OV 61, Segerstrom 44

January 25, 2010

OV only allowed 2 points until the 3:30 mark in the 3rd quarter. At which point OV missed 5 consecutive free throws, missed a dunk badly, got the crowd back into the game, and used a 2-3 zone. What a quarter!

End of 2nd: OV 43 Segerstrom 34

January 25, 2010

Like I said in the preview, this one can raise some eyebrows. Segerstrom has capitalized on mistakes, but Ocean View is in the driver seat when it comes to transition play. We’ll have to see how this one turns out if it gets into a free throw shooting game.

End of 1st: OV 19, Segerstrom 15

January 25, 2010

That’s what we call a rocky start. The defense has been there at times, but it’s apparent that Segerstrom is here to play.

Final: OV 81, Saddleback 30

January 22, 2010

End of 1st Half: OV 54, Saddleback 21

January 22, 2010

Final: OV 80, Orange 68

January 20, 2010

Not as close as the scoreboard shows though. Analysis in a bit.