About me

Hey everyone, I’d like to formally welcome you all to my new blog, ucla13usc9’s Sports blog, in which I will be randomly analyzing the world of college football and/or basketball throughout their respective seasons.


What is your name?


Why is your name ucla13usc9? Is it because UCLA sucks and never beats USC?

-No, it is actually because it cost USC a National Championship in 2006, proving that the underdog can beat a dominant team, which was exactly what happened in that game. Also, if you should bother me about this, I will laugh and point to the 8 game winning streak the proceeded the Dorrell years.

How did you get entangled in UCLA?

-I was born at UCLA medical center, and I have only missed 2 home/away games in my life (both of them this year). So yep, I’ve seen UCLA lose and win… mostly lose, throughout my life.

Do you have a bias towards UCLA?

-Duh, but I’m what you call a realist. On USC week, at least for a few more years, I won’t be saying how UCLA is going to dominate etc. I will approach it as strictly as possible. Sounds like a plan eh? I won’t go off on you should I disagree with you though, if that’s what you mean.

How did you get involved in Football and Coaching?

-During my sophomore year in high school, I tore my calf dropping back to pass, then went back in (like an idiot) and tore it further, crippling me. I can still walk, but I can’t run for very long without my calf swelling. ANYWAYS, I was doodling some plays on the way to a game while I was out, the coach saw me writing those, and low-and-behold, we ran them! Turns out those plays ended up tripling the offensive output (80 yards) in 3 plays! Pretty cool huh? Someday, I plan on attending the USSA some day in the footsteps of Mike Leach. [Update] Developments still up in the air for me being the first ever assistant Offensive Coordinator who attends the school he is coaching… still waiting for that to come through.


2 Responses to About me

  1. TheVolunteer says:

    Looking forward to working with you. It’ll be a pleasure to coach next to you on the sidelines ucla13usc9’s


  2. Frank says:

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