Pregame: OV @ Segerstrom (Second Attempt)

This game is rather special, both inside and outside of the game. If you didn’t already know, Ocean View and Segerstrom have already tried to play faced each other, but a blackout that started during the JV game caused the game to be postponed until today. However, after I left, the lights came back on briefly. The score during that game ended up being 4-2 in favor of Segerstrom, so we actually come into this game losing.

On the court, however, Ocean View (16-3, 4-0 in league play) and Segerstrom (15-3, 4-0 in league play) are the only two undefeated teams left in the Golden West League. Segerstrom, quite honestly, has been the only team that has a shot at Ocean View for at least 5 years in this league. The Jaguars have a great coaching staff and developed this team into a real threat to the long shadow of the Seahawks.

Led by Head Coach, Adrian Gomez, the Jaguars had a very impressive showing in the Century Holiday Classic last month. Steve Fryer named this team “on the rise” in his league preview. Coach Gomez has truly raised a classy, and hard working program up to brand new levels, but their talent level is significantly lower than Ocean View’s. There is one thing that is for sure though: Segerstrom will not go away easily.

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Segerstrom is extremely good at pulling out late victories, for instance, the Jaguars just stole a game against Fountain Valley by the score of 65-63, in one of the most exciting games so far this year.

With the lack of statistical data, I can only predict that Segerstrom might be one of the better shooting teams in the league. With the exception of Ocean View, they rank highest in the league (238th in the state) in offensive efficiency, Ocean View ranks 11th in the state in offensive efficiency.

I can see this being one of those games that make you lean forward when the starters aren’t in. If the entire starting 5 isn’t in, Segerstrom will try to get back in it, and build confidence in hopes to eventually getting enough false hope to convince themselves into becoming superhuman and steal the game from Ocean View.

While I don’t think that is going to happen, I still think Segerstrom will raise some eyebrows because of how close this game will be.

Final Predcition:

OV: 79

Segerstrom: 55


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