This has been a great week!

December 31, 2009

What do you know! UCLA football gets a Bowl win, and UCLA Basketball beats ASU by 2! Right now, the revenue sports are on the right track going into 2010, Happy New Years to all!


Urban Meyer Steps Down as Florida Head Coach

December 27, 2009

Due to stress related problems, Urban Meyer stepped down as the UF head coach this evening. This is one of the most shell-shocking bits of news that has hit the college football season.

Updates here and here

After being the only coach in history to win 2 BCS Championships outright (Haha Peter) and the most innovative Hybrid-Offensive Coach in the game, I wish him a swift recovery and a great remainder of his life in and out of football.

OV Gets Some Regional Exposure

December 20, 2009

Ocean View and Anthony Brown were showcased during the half time of the Crenshaw-De La Salle State Championship. This is a huge step up for Ocean View’s program… video to come.

Just Some Base Sets

December 18, 2009

Random right?

(Don’t look at that last one, or just carry over the last guy to the end

BN Podcast – Bowl Edition

December 17, 2009

Go and check out the Bruinsnation Podcast that Ryan and I put together, we discuss a variety of things including “The Wall” and expansion theories. It’s a few posts down on

Can’t Handle the Press? OV trails Serra 33-30 at the Half

December 13, 2009

The 2-3 Full-Court Zone is killing the Hawks right now, they’ll need to clean up their act if they want to stay undefeated. BK looks rusty coming back into the swing of things… Let’s see how OV responds to adversity (for once)

Pregame Check In: OV vs. Serra

December 12, 2009

Leave your predictions here if you got some!