November 30, 2009

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Wrapping up USC

November 30, 2009

Let’s just take my article from BN and bring it here.

University of Southern California quarterback Matt Barkley, right, is tackled by UCLA linebacker Reggie Carter as he runs the ball during the first half of their NCAA college football game, Saturday, Nov. 28, 2009, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

When is the last time UCLA lost to three (two really depending on how you look at it) mid majors in basketball, and USC in one weekend? I don’t want to ramble about things that I can’t speak intelligently about so I’ll leave the basketball debacle to you guys. As for football, I can raise my hand here.

The story of the game was of course the last TD, unfortunate for the Bruins, and really fortunate for the Trojans. Not in the sense that USC was shrouded by the likes of Plaschke, but in the sense that Peter covered up a disgustingly horrendous game.

Before we go into any heated debate over the rights-and-wrongs in the game of rivalry and competition, I would like you to absorb my opinion for consideration: I don’t really care about the call, I care about the fact that Peter cried about Stanford for trying to break the half-century mark and then did the same thing to UCLA. Also, watch the video of the “near fight” here. The fact that the UCLA players weren’t complaining before the PAT tells me that they didn’t care about the play, but the about fact that SC was taunting them and acting like they just destroyed UCLA (more on that after the jump).

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Yep, They are SC

November 28, 2009


November 28, 2009

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Beckman vs. GGHS Round 2; Style meets Power

November 28, 2009

Well here we go folks, Beckman and Garden Grove will square off in about 2 hours so let’s get down to it.

The undefeated Argonauts have had an emotional, but amazingly successful season. With the early season passing of player Kevin Telles, GGHS has dominated all of their opponents following the Westminster game. They have put 60 points up numerous times, and have been nothing short of spectacular; Coach Hay was named NFL coach of the week just a while back, and has brought plenty of success to the Grove.

Beckman is coming off an exciting win at Laguna Beach, and looks to knock off the top seeded Argos. Running backs Brandon Swann and Keith Lawson picked up a physical 200 yards rushing BEFORE halftime last week and will need to step up again tonight to crack through the stout GG line.

Quarterback Sean Young

The wildcat is dangerous, but is lethal when it’s general can throw the ball. Super athlete Sean Young is the catalyst for success, and has yet to be stopped. However, his only weakness is in the backfield; if Beckman can contain and collapse, they should keep Young reasonably quiet.

Quarterback Justin Hazard
Depending on how you look at it, Hazard has done a good job in the postseason. On the other hand, his lack of downfield accuracy limited the big play department for Beckman. Then again, he was never in a rythm, plus, if it ain’t broke… Why fix it? Should the running game prove ineffective, Hazard needs to be spoonfed rythm, Jesse Rassmussen and Austin Archer will be his best friends on rollouts… Which should be “good enough” to move the ball in clutch situations.

Keys to the game:
Beckman needs to establish the run early, of course that’s what I was going to say! However, Hazard needs to be included in a game that could turn into a shootout. Once GG brings another man into the box, let Hazard out on a rollout to look for Barring on the deep post. If that doesn’t work, just give it to Jesse or Austin; the more balanced, the better tonight.
Once Young is stopped, the offense loses it’s sting. It’s a tough task, but If the Pats can do it, Beckman will most likely advance to the next round with something to prove.

Unfortunately, it will be too tough for the 4-4 defense;

13-9’s Prediction:

Garden Grove: 23
Beckman: 13

Of course, there is plenty to point towards the Patriots


November 25, 2009

Beckman High School got its first ever CIF Football Playoff victory tonight against the Laguna Beach Breakers 35-28.

It turned into a bit of a shootout between two offenses with very different styles. Laguna Beach made it clear that they were going to throw the ball early and often in their spread offense. They mixed this in with some misdirection and end-around run plays that kept the Beckman defense on their toes.

The hail mary is supposed to be a prayer right? Well Beckman has now been beaten by two, that’s right two last second bombs. The Breakers’ quarterback dropped back to pass, stepped up in the pocket, then was flushed out and had to spin to his left, all before heaving a last-ditch effort to an implausibly uncovered receiver in the endzone for a 35 yard TD.

On the other side of the ball, the Patriots were much more consistent with their approach, choosing to run the ball through, over, and around the LBHS defense.

Shocking enough, Beckman racked up over 200 yards rushing before halftime, leaving Justin Hazard with only a handful of passing attempts (Hint, it’s less than 10). Keith Lawson again carried the load while Brandon Swan and his quick feet gave Lawson a breather from time to time. Zach Rivera was not able to participate in the running game due to an injury sustained in practice. However, Austin Archer WAS able to play, albeit on a weak ankle.

Justin Hazard played well in terms of commanding the offense. Unfortunately most of his throws, which were few and far between given the success of the running game, sailed past their intended target. The only completed passes were a 13 yard out to Will Barring on the 1 yard line (setting up Lawson to score on the next play), and a 3 yard hitch to Evan Maclin. Deep routes were open but the Patriots were unable to connect.

On the defensive side of the ball, Beckman did a good job shutting down LBHS’s inside running game. The Breakers had success handing the ball off to a motioning receiver and having him run to the sideline, but Beckman did a better job of recognizing that and running it down later in the game. The passing game, however, was a different story. Laguna Beach had almost limitless airspace in this game. They seemed to be connecting on every throw they made, most of which were quick slants that exploited the hole in Beckman’s 4-4, cover 3 defense. But, in the end, the defense was able to buckle down and stop their passing game with 3 minutes left in the game, forcing a turnover on downs and allowing the offense to clinch the victory by doing what they do best: pounding the ball up the middle and eating up the clock.

Beckman comes away from this game pumping their collective fist and preparing for another week of practice. They will likely play Garden Grove at Tustin High School on Friday.

-Go Patriots

Beckman 21-LBHS 21 end of 2nd

November 21, 2009

Passing LBHS:
9 comp
15 att
156 yards

Running LBHS:

15 att
66 yards
2 TD

Passing BHS:
1 comp
3 att
13 yards

Running BHS
25 att
Lawson: 2 TD
Swann: 1 TD

1st half drives:
2. BHS – 1 yard RTD (Keith Lawson)
3. LBHS – Stopped 4th down
4. BHS – 4 yard RTD (Brandon Swann)
5. LBHS- 1 yard RTD
6. BHS- 4 yard RTD (Keith Lawson)
7. LBHS- 35 PTD (time expires)